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Automated crafting tool for Path of Exile

Key Features

Set your currency locations just once, and then enjoy seamless crafting with just a single click. Our intuitive design ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on the game, not the grind. Simplify your Path of Exile journey today – a world of crafting is just one click away!

Save your precious time with our customizable delay feature. Tailor the process timing to suit your schedule, allowing for the utmost flexibility. Plus, there’s no need to stay glued to your computer screen. Step away and enjoy your time; we’ll send a notification straight to your phone when the process is complete. It’s productivity, optimized for your convenience.

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with our “Smart Logic” feature. Our application intelligently pauses operations when you’re out of currency, ensuring no resources are wasted. Moreover, it’s equipped with advanced human-like action capabilities, mimicking real-life behavior in a sophisticated manner. This not only enhances realism but also ensures the judicious use of currency. With Smart Logic, you get a tool that thinks and acts smartly, aligning perfectly with your needs.

Unlock the full potential of crafting in Path of Exile with our comprehensive app! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned exile, our app offers every crafting method available in the game. From basic crafting techniques to advanced crafting strategies, find it all in one place. Get detailed guides, tips, and tricks to enhance your gameplay. With our intuitive interface, navigating through the vast world of PoE crafting is now simpler than ever

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

Watch the video guide

More about weight and logic

There will be 5 elements:

  • The first column is the mod you want.
  • The second column is the value of that mod if applicable. Leave it blank if there is no ‘#’ in the mods.
  • The third column is the weight that the mod will appear in items.
  • The fourth column is the affix of the mod, prefix or suffix.
  • The total weight(at the top of the table): the total amount of weight needed for the item you want to craft. If the mods in the item reach this weight amount, then the crafting is complete
  • For group craft, you only need to set values for the magic items part and the groups part. Each group you desire should be separated by the symbol ‘———–‘. After completing the entry of one desired group, click the add group button to separate that group from the others.
  • If you want to use Exalted and Annulment, set the value of mods in the rare item table

Try experimenting with some preset configs I have created, copy them into the same folder as the application.

Download preset config

Is it illegal to use this tool?

Does your app interact with the game's memory?

My app isn't running, it gets stuck on a certain mods in the log?

How do I save my setting after each update?

There is config file and craft config folder that save your setting, just move them to new update folder

I can't find mod I want?

Why tool not using augmentation ?

A magic item can have a maximum of one prefix and one suffix. If you want to craft an item with two prefixes or two suffixes, you should use a rare regal or group crafting method

How do I set value for mod have no "#" ?

If mod don’t have “#” in line, tool will craft exactly what you import. Don’t set value to this.

How can I set up crafting for damage on a bow?

For example, Mods: “Adds # to # Physical Damage” you only need to set the value to the second “#” figure.

If you want to get tier 1 physical damage on a bow, you would set the value to be 72.

How does the 'Combo Check' button work?

It only works when you use the rare regal craft method and set values for mods and your desired outcomes for rare items.