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Change log for Version 2.6 :

  • New feature: Expedition Tujen and Danning

Change log for Version 2.5.2 :

  • Map and groups craft bug fix

Change log for Version 2.5 :

  • Added weight for map craft
  • Added auto whisper live search
  • Added Stash tracker(feature that manager how long item was listed in your stash)
  • Bug fix

Change log for Version 2.4 :

  • Chaos recipe feature
  • Added option open prefix/suffix for basic craft
  • Added option can select rate limit when search cluster price
  • Added hideout hotkey
  • Fixed bug with map craft, rare regal craft

Change log for Version 2.3 :

  • Added feature Price check cluster jewels
  • Added second slot for sextant
  • Added some QoL
  • Added option quick set position for currency

Change log for Version 2.2.6 :

  • Added feature craft color with bench craft
  • Added feature filter good/bad map when stash(need to set bad map tab id)
  • Added delete option when right click on map/sextant mod
  • Improve combo check
  • Bug fix and add some data mods

Change log for Version 2.2.5 :

  • Added feature using multiplier stash on sextant
  • Fixed bug with item name
  • Fixed bug with exalted on map
  • Fixed bug rare regal/groups with fracture items
  • Fixed bug with 4k resolution
  • Fixed bug stash sextant

Change log for Version 2.2.4 :

  • Added new feature: Exalted on craft map(Using to fill empty mods on map)
  • Fixed bug with flask craft
  • Added data for heist mods
  • Fixed scale with 4k resolution

Change log for Version 2.2.3 :

  • Fixed chain craft bug
  • Fixed bug “using space in currency tab” not working with socket craft

Change log for Version 2.2.2 :

  • Bug fix

Change log for Version 2.2 :

  • Improve speed crafting
  • Added secondary slot for stacked deck
  • Added option can use space in currency tab when Chain craft
  • Added more regex for rolling tujen
  • Combo check now have option add data to group table
  • Delete option “stop if no currency”. Now before start process, Tool will check stack size currency you have and stop when you run out of currency
  • Change Mouse move time to Mouse speed
  • You can import Augmented mod when crafting by essence or fossil(See augmented mod in implicit list)
  • Bug fix: Map craft, rapid clicker

Change log for Version 2.1.1 :

  • Improve speed crafting
  • Sextant craft now easier to use
  • Chain area now can use for 16×5 for league stash
  • Added option rapid click and stash inventory
  • Added option random click area when use currency and click item
  • Weight now can be negative
  • Random delay now also random mouse move time

Change log for Version 2.1 :

  • Improve speed when open stacked deck and craft sextant
  • Added option can using chain craft when open stacked deck for avoid server lag
  • Add search bar for currency tab
  • Add option using alteration, transmutation for map craft
  • Now you can craft logbook/invitation in map craft
  • Fixed bug that “Stop if no currency” not stop when crafting Fossil
  • Save config now also save option craft
  • More and moreĀ  QoL

Change log for Version 2.0.2 :

  • Added data for flask craft
  • Fixed bug with craft implicit

Change log for Version 2.0.1 :

  • Fixed bug with stash
  • Added option disable hotkey while minimized

Change log for Version 2.0 :

  • New UI
  • Added option Continue after stash for crafting sextant

Change log for Version 1.8 :

  • Fixed bug that hotkey not stop stashing
  • New feature: Haggle item
  • Added option random delay action
  • From version 1.8, if there is a new version, a notification will be sent to you

Change log for Version 1.7 :

  • Improve UI
  • Added option craft at mouse position
  • Added flask enchant craft
  • Added data for implicit mods
  • Added option stop if no currency(With this option will make your craft delay 0.05 second)
  • Added option auto stash after craft complete

Change log for Version 1.6 :

  • Improve UI,UX
  • New feature: Group crafting
  • Added table mods
  • Sound on finish,telegram notice on finish
  • Second and third alteration slot
  • New feature: Harvest exchange
  • You can now use exal and annul for abys jewel and normal jewel

Changelog for Version 1.5.1 :

  • Fixed bug that can’t detect decimal number

Changelog for Version 1.5 :

  • Currency limit
  • You can select multiple mods and right click to move them
  • Now you can minimized app smaller
  • New feature: Vaal orb with apply currency before corrupted
  • Hotkey start single and chain craft
  • Added warning when you can’t use Augmentation
  • Added some data/mods
  • Fixed some crash bug

Changelog for Version 1.4 :

  • Improved Log Window & Messages: You can now review the log history in the file app/log.txt
  • You can now use the up and down arrows to move between mods in the table.
  • Update some mods in data/mods
  • Bug Fix : Resolved an issue where chain crafting would stop unexpectedly. Crafting will now continue as intended.
  • Bug Fix :Double click when Disable Teleport Mouse on
  • New Feature : Map Craft